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How to find wifi and access the internet in Cuba

One of the biggest challenges of travelling to Cuba is using the internet. In our how-to video below, we boil it down to the essentials, so you will have a clear picture of how to find wifi and access the internet in Cuba in 2019.

(So you can watch more He Goes She Goes videos!) ;)

Here's how to access the internet in Cuba:

First thing you need to do is buy what locals call a 'wifi card', which is an official internet access card with a user ID and password. Cost is $1 CUC ($1 USD) per hour of time.

You can buy cards at an official Etecsa shop, or on the street where you'll pay twice the cost. Dudes who sell cards can usually be found around wifi hotspots. They will approach you, so just go for a stroll and they will find you.

Once you have your card you'll need wifi. If you're lucky, your Airbnb or hotel has wifi. If not you should ask a local where the local wifi hotspots are; there should be a few in your neighbourhood. In Havana, we used Plaza del Cristo. In Varadero, Centro Comercial Hicacos.

Once you connect to wifi, a box appears that will allow you to enter the user ID and password found on the back of your Etecsa wifi card. To see the password, you'll need to scratch off a silver strip. Take great care! If you scratch too hard you will scratch away the password numbers, wasting your card. We used the edge of our iPhone power charger adapter!

Once you enter the numbers and hit accept, you will be connected and told how much time you have left on your card. Remember to disconnect from wifi once you're done on the internet so you don't burn off your minutes!

Be sure to check out our video and let us know if you have any questions about using the internet and finding wifi in Cuba!


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