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Why Uber is your best bet for getting around Mexico City

What's the best way to get around Mexico City? There are a lot of choices –– the metro, buses, taxis and more –– but we found Uber to be the best option because of its convenience, cost and comfort.

In this video we share our experience with the car-sharing service in Mexico City, which was a big improvement over our Uber experiences in New Orleans and New York earlier this year.

It's convenient!

Mexico City is big and sprawling, so it's important to maximize your sightseeing time by minimizing the hassles of getting from one area to the next. Uber is the best way to make that happen, and it's dead-simple to use! Just download the app, enter where you are and where you want to go and a driver will be there in minutes to offer you door-to-door service.

Note that convenience is reduced if you want to Uber during rush hour and other busy traffic times. (Which, some might argue, is ALL the time in CDMX!)

It's inexpensive!

For the service they provide, Uber is fairly inexpensive. Our average ride in CDMX was $3 USD. From the Mexico City airport, it was only $9 to get to our Airbnb in Condesa.

It's safe!

Safety is a concern for travellers to Mexico City and we found that all of our Uber experiences were safe and the drivers were friendly. Another great feature of Uber is that you can assess your driver before hopping in. How many rides? What is the driver's rating from other passengers? Etc.

This was not our Uber!


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