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About Lindsay


For more than a decade, I’ve helped organizations and creative teams achieve their goals and simplify their work, often wearing different hats: communications specialist, content creator, copywriter and editor, project coordinator, social media manager and more. 


My varied skills and talents allow me to be the go-to support person for my clients’ most pressing business needs, whether I’m writing and publishing content, drafting business proposals, managing projects or performing SEO quality assurance. 


I understand that every project and business is driven by people who occasionally need support to thrive—be it strategic or operational. I can provide that support where necessary. 


Helping people solve problems and achieve their best is the work I love to do.

Find my LinkedIn profile here.

About Michael

For me, storytelling isn't a trendy buzzword, it's the heart of every authentic connection. 


Audiences want more than just information about a product or service, they want a unique story. They want a narrative that resonates. That's where I come in.


How? I use over 20 years of marketing and storytelling expertise—primarily as a writer at the Winnipeg Free Press and a Content Strategy lead at the University of Manitoba—to uncover the narratives that make your brand stand out.


From there, I provide comprehensive content support tailored to your needs and identity. From writing copy and producing videos, to developing content strategy, to managing social media and more.


I don't just help you communicate, I help you connect.


Find my LinkedIn profile here.

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