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How to avoid tourist crowds in Europe | 6 ways to deal with over tourism!

If you're heading off to Europe this summer you're probably wondering about the tourist crowds. Yes, they're intense!

In this video, we offer six tips to avoid the crush of tourists.

Limit the places you visit

Scale down the number of places you want to visit so that you can spend more time in them. That will give you more opportunities to wander away from the crowds at the big sights.

Choose your own adventure

Guided tours are great for taking all the work out of planning and booking your trip, but they also keep you stuck in a tourist crowd of which there are few opportunities for escape.

Reserve your tickets in advance

Why waste what little time you have waiting in line with a thousand other tourists. Book in advance and walk right in when you arrive.

Stay at an Airbnb

Hotels are awesome, but they definitely keep you in tourist mode. If you stay in an Airbnb, you'll have a unique, immersive experience away from the hotel tourists.

Visit the sights early or late!

The crush of tourists usually happens from late morning to mid to late afternoon. Do your exploring before or after.

Re-invent your to-do list

Instead of just including all the things you want to see, add some experiential to-dos to your Europe travel list to round it out and make your trip more memorable.

Check out Michael's article on this topic in the Winnipeg Free Press.


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