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Top things to do in Granada, Spain

What are the top things to do in Granada Spain? Everyone has their favourites, including us! In a video from our 2019 visit, we share 5 experiences that made our trip to Granada one of the most enjoyable ever. From the incredible Alhambra to the Sierra Nevada and everything in between!

We think these recommendations will help you take in the unique beauty, history and culture of Granada!

1. Explore the Alhambra

The Alhambra is the number one can't miss experience in Granada, so if you're planning a visit here, be sure to get yourself a ticket! Wandering through the palace and exploring the beautiful grounds was one of the biggest highlights from our trip. This is a popular site though and for good reason, so we recommend buying your tickets as far in advance as possible.

2. Visit the Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel

We also recommend a visit to the Granada Cathedral and the Royal Chapel. These two sites are right next to one another in the heart of the old town and are another set of beautiful sites to see. You get a real sense of Granada's royal history here. Tickets to both include an audio guide and we were able to walk up and get in on the day of our visit!

3. Get lost in the Albaycin

If you like exploring unique neighbourhoods when travelling, look no further than the Albaycin in Granada. This part of the city is absolutely gorgeous. The white-washed walls and narrow streets give it a quaint and romantic charm. With quiet corners and charming plazas you'll feel like you've stepped back in time and away from the crowds.

4. Go for a hike in the Sierra Nevada

Another great thing to do during a visit to Granada is to get out of town and explore the surrounding area. The Sierra Nevada mountains are just a short drive outside of town and are the perfect place for hiking and enjoying nature. We booked a guided hike through Airbnb Experiences and loved every minute of it!

5. Dive into the food culture of tapas and Moroccan cuisine

Last but not least, a visit to Granada would not be complete without diving into the food culture. We truly can't recommend this enough. In Granada, you can enjoy authentic Spanish tapas for one meal and traditional Moroccan dishes for the next. Be sure to do both! Each are unique and delicious and make up an important part of the special vibe in this city.

We hope these recommendations inspire you during your visit to Granada. See more by visiting our Youtube channel and checking out our Spain playlist.


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