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He Goes She Goes

Content creation and strategy | Social media | Virtual support

We are Michael and Lindsay.

And we have two passions: To help others achieve their marketing and storytelling objectives, and to inspire a love for food and travel.

With over 20 years of combined experience in marketing communications – from content creation and strategy to social media and project management – we have the experience and expertise to help you succeed, whatever your needs.

To see how we can best help you, check out our list of services below.

Our food and travel adventures can be found on our YouTube channel, which has allowed us to develop fantastic partnerships with Travel Manitoba, Tourism Winnipeg, Tourism Saskatchewan and others.

Whether it's developing a marketing plan or producing a travel video, we'd love for you to be part of our next adventure. So reach out to say hi!

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Virtual Assistance

Lots of projects on the go?From email management and scheduling, to travel booking and overall project management, we can help coordinate your tasks so you can focus on your goals.

Video Editing & Production

From short clips on social to full videos on YouTube, video can breathe life into your brand. We can shoot, edit and publish the videos you need to tell your story.

Copywriting and Editing

Let's get those blank Word docs out of your life. Blog posts, web copy, email newsletters, social media captions and more all require careful crafting. We can help tell your story.

Content Strategy

You have Instagram, a newsletter, a website and more, but how does it all work together? We'll build your strategy so that you know exactly what stories to tell, how to tell them, and who to tell them to.

Social Media Management

Social media should be the perfect expression of your brand, and the best way to engage with your audience. We can help you get there by managing your social presence and building your plan!

Other Content Creation

There's nothing sadder than an abandoned good idea. Let us help you execute the content ideas you've been dreaming up but have no time for. If you can think it, we've probably done it.

Contact us!

Connect with us about a project idea, to get a quote, ask about collaborating or just to say hi! 


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